Clearpool is an on-chain credit marketplace, where institutional borrowers can attract liquidity from a decentralized network of lenders.

Clearpool has utilized blockchain technology and the concepts of decentralization to innovate and develop a brand new form of lending and borrowing.

Whitelisted institutional borrowers can launch single-borrower stablecoin liquidity pools on the Clearpool protocol, which then become visible to the DeFi network, where any institution or individual can connect and supply liquidity to a borrower pool of their choosing.

The pools are dynamic, interest rates are determined through a unique utilization curve mechanisn, designed and developed by the Clearpool team. This mechanism provides maximum flexibility for both borrowers and lenders - adaptive risk-adjusted interest rates, no lock-up periods, no pre-determined dates for payment of interest or principal, and full transparency on every transaction ever made with the pool.

CPOOL is the utility and governance token which powers the Clearpool protocol. CPOOL can be staked to Clearpool Oracle staking pools. Clearpool Oracle's vote on the price parameters that determine the shape of Clearpool's interest rate curves. Staking CPOOL to an Oracle staking pool helps to secure this pricing mechanism, at the same time as sharing in the rewards that Oracle's earn for providing this important interaction.

Clearpool is available on Ethereum and Polygon.

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