AscendEX to List Clearpool Token $CPOOL

Get ready to trade $CPOOL 🚀

AscendEX announces the primary listing of Clearpool (CPOOL) under the trading pair of CPOOL/USDT.

Details are as follows:

Deposit & Withdrawal: Oct 28, 1:00 a.m. UTC
Trading: Oct 28, 1:00 p.m. UTC

The first decentralized dynamic credit market for unsecured liquidity, driven by market supply and demand forces.

Clearpool gives institutional borrowers access to uncollateralized liquidity and provides attractive return opportunities for liquidity providers.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CPOOL
  • Current Circulating Supply: 38,840,000 CPOOL
  • Offering Price: $0.04

Staking: AscendEX Earn — 100% APR

  • Start Date: 28 October
  • End date: 28 November
  • Minimum Delegation Amount: 1,000 CPOOL
  • Compound Mode: Supported
  • Unbonding period: 14 days (or instant 5% penalty)

To Learn More about AscendEX Staking Click Here

How to Buy CPOOL on AscendEX?

Check out How-To Videos and User Guides below:

How to register:

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How to deposit:

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How to cash trade:

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Token Distribution

Token Sales: 12.68%

  • Seed Round: 3.33%
  • Private Sale 1: 4.00%
  • Private Sale 2: 5.00%
  • Public: 0.35%
  • Team: 15.00%
  • Partnerships: 10.00%
  • Pool Rewards: 20.00%
  • Ecosystem: 10.15%
  • Liquidity: 15.00%
  • Reserves: 17.17%

Token Vesting Schedule

Token Sales:

  • Seed Round: 12 months vest
  • Private Sale 1: 3 months cliff, daily vesting over 12 months
  • Private Sale 2: 3 months cliff, daily vesting over 12 months
  • Public: 50% TGE, 60% after 6 months
  • Team: 6 months cliff, vesting over 24 months
  • Partnerships: 6 months cliff, vesting over 24 months
  • Pool Rewards: Vesting over 50 months
  • Ecosystem: Vesting over 24 months
  • Liquidity: Vesting over 24 months
  • Reserves: 60 months vest

About AscendEX

AscendEX is a global cryptocurrency financial platform with a comprehensive product suite including spot, margin, and futures trading, wallet services, and staking support for over 150 blockchain projects such as bitcoin, ether, and ripple. Launched in 2018, AscendEX services over 1 million retail and institutional clients globally with a highly liquid trading platform and secure custody solutions. AscendEX has emerged as a leading platform by ROI on its “initial exchange offerings” by supporting some of the industry’s most innovative projects from the DeFi ecosystem, such as Thorchain, xDai Stake, and Serum. AscendEX users receive exclusive access to token airdrops and the ability to purchase tokens at the earliest possible stage.

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About Clearpool

Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem where institutional borrowers can access unsecured liquidity and where liquidity providers can earn attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The first decentralized dynamic marketplace for unsecured liquidity, where supply and demand always ensure each pool reaches a state of equilibrium in terms of size and interest rate.

A paradigm shift in how institutions borrow uncollateralized liquidity is upon us.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube



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