Clearpool Meme Contest Winners 🚀🚀 🚀

We asked, and wow, did the Poolsiders deliver, #MuchWow and more.

The Meme Maestros were many; choosing the winners was tough.

Of course, extra points went to .gif and memes in video format — as we noted in the original post announcing the competition. In the end, it was the video entries that won the team over, as all five winners are videos.

Incredible work all around!

For those who somehow missed the action, you can see all the entries linked here.


Remember, all entrants were crowned honorary Clearpool memester for the day…

👸👑🤴But the real glory goes to the Kingpins.

The top five Clearpool Memes below have won $CPOOL: 100 USD equivalent at the IDO price of $0.04; so since our initial post, prelaunch, that $100 takes on a meme multiplier and has a much higher value now….

Glory Time

Following are the Memes from the five winners.

We’ll be dm’ing you all on Twitter in the next 24-hours to get you your booty.

1. erkin harmanlı @eharmanli

2. Comrade @Comrade1952

3. Dchomot @dchomot

4. $NeFiTen @nefiten

5. andZer31 @andZer31

Congrats to all the winners. You are all now officially OG Clearpool Meme Masters!

And, once your award arrives, if you don’t already HODL $CPOOL, you’ll also….

Be a Poolsider for as long as you keep HODLing $CPOOL 🚀🚀🚀

About Clearpool

Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem where institutional borrowers can access unsecured liquidity and where liquidity providers can earn attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The first decentralized dynamic marketplace for unsecured liquidity, where supply and demand always ensure each pool reaches a state of equilibrium in terms of size and interest rate.

A paradigm shift in how institutions borrow uncollateralized liquidity is upon us.

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