CPOOL Staking is Live!

Clearpool is pleased to announce that staking is now LIVE!

By staking CPOOL to the Clearpool Oracle staking pools, you can now earn attractive yields while also participating in securing the interest rate pricing mechanism.

- Go to https://app.clearpool.finance/native-staking

- Connect your wallet. Currently, Clearpool supports MetaMask and WalletConnect

- Prepare the amount of CPOOL tokens you would like to stake and ensure adequate gas fee tokens (ETH) in your wallet

- Select an Oracle (you can stake to multiple Oracles)

- Enter the amount of CPOOL you would like to stake

- Approve the amount and execute the transaction in your wallet interface

- Staking rewards are calculated and distributed at the end of each epoch (every 2 weeks). You can un-stake at any time but will not earn any rewards from the epoch in which you un-stake.

- Rewards can be claimed at any time after being distributed.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about Clearpool Oracles and CPOOL staking in this article.

Please read Staking and Oracles in our docs for more information, and if you have any questions, please reach out to the Clearpool team in our Telegram and Discord communities.

Start earning yield on your CPOOL now! https://app.clearpool.finance/native-staking



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