Discord Invite Contest

3 min readMar 14


Poolsiders🏊‍♂️! Let’s make waves together and grow the Poolsider community. To support your engagement, Clearpool is hosting a ‘Discord Invite Contest’ with CPOOL prizes.

Contest Duration

Start: 14th March (10am GMT)
End: 31st March (10am GMT)

How to Win

  1. Like and retweet the Twitter Announcement
  2. Join Clearpool’s Discord server
  3. Click the dropdown option to open the menu

4. Click ‘Invite People’

5. Generate your Discord invite link (please select “Never” under “Expire After” and “No limit” under “Max number of uses” in the Settings)

6. Copy the link

7. Invite friends and connections to join using your link. Be creative — share the link on social media, in your communities, or send it directly to your connections.

🏆 The users with the highest number of invites at the end of the campaign win.

Participation requirements

To be eligible to participate, please make sure you have reached Level 2 within Clearpool’s Discord Server. The task is easy to achieve, requiring you to engage in a few conversations.

To check your level and the number of invites you have, please visit the ‘level up’ channel on Clearpool’s Discord server and refer to the pinned message for instructions.


🥇 1st place: $500 in CPOOL
🥈 2nd place: $300 in CPOOL
🥉 3rd place: $200 in CPOOL
🎖 20 x $50 in CPOOL

It’s as easy as that. Let’s make waves in DeFi together, Poolsiders🏊‍♂️!

Good luck! 🍀

👀 P.S.

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Join us for an exciting Trivia Night! 🥳

To kick off our Discord Invite Contest, we’ll be hosting a special Trivia Night this week on our Discord channel! Brush up on your knowledge of blockchain and Clearpool to win special Discord Roles with exciting perks to be revealed soon.

Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity; stay tuned for more details!