RECAP — Clearpool AMA with Shigeo and Conor Bronsdon

DeFi 2.0: The Future of DeFi Lending with Clearpool


  • Clearpool is a marketplace for borrowers, versus Aave/Compound, which is a marketplace for assets.
  • Clearpool permissionless pools have been highly battle-tested since launching through the Terra/Luna falls, the contagion with 3AC and Celcius, and even now with the FTX insolvency.
  • Clearpool differs from other lending protocols due to its innovation, from the single-borrower pool concept to its unique interest rate curve mechanism and many others. It offers complete flexibility to lenders and borrowers so they can manage their risk effectively.
  • Regulation will come, and Clearpool is prepared for it. The concept of permissioned pools appeals to large traditional institutions with stricter compliance requirements looking to enter the DeFi space.
  • Bear market or not, Clearpool keeps building! Clearpool has already delivered on its whitepaper and will keep innovating new products and features. Upcoming products include the next version of permissioned pools, the upgraded interest rate curve, term pools, diversified/thematic pools and secondary trading.
  • What Clearpool has built is highly composable. Anybody can innovate on top of it. Term pools will lead to interest rate derivatives, diversified pools to indexes and index swaps, secondary market trading to credit derivatives such as CDS, and various other products. Hence, Clearpool will develop into an entire ecosystem of products that will begin to resemble a decentralized capital markets infrastructure.

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